Community Circle [Engelstalig]

zaterdag 25 mei 2024 , 14:00 - 16:30 uur

I hold community spaces for people to come together and explore how to connect more authentically to themselves, and others. No pretences, just real people sharing real experiences.

I believe that when we come together with curiosity, presence and play, different patterns emerge in the way we relate to others individually, and collectively.

We're able to move beyond automatic and social level 'acting', and to meet each other from a place of 'living' that is more connected, profound and inspired.

Sounds serious, but it's serious fun!

Curious? Come join for this experiment in pop-up community.


Through connection games, improvisation, movement and sharing, we'll get just a little bit closer to...your truth.

Good to know
- Everybody's welcome, no prior experience needed.
- Playshop will be conducted in English.
- Please be on time as doors will close shortly after start time.
- We ask for a donation to cover the cost of tea and the space, with any surplus funds going back to the Nieuwland collective (
- Places are limited, so please register your interest in attending on Facebook, and cancel if you're unable to attend so someone else can take your place.
- Enter through the furthest door on the left, and take the stairs to the first floor.See less

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Kosten toelichting
By donation
Iedereen (alle leeftijden)
Omschrijving doelgroep 
Who this is for - Anyone interested in getting below the surface level of 'normal' social interaction - Those curious about leaning in to their own edges and learning more about their own experience - Peeps who want to develop new relating skills to integrate into the rest of their humaning What you'll walk away with - The satisfaction of having experienced much more meaningful conversations with strangers - The thrill of having shared a different side of yourself than maybe you normally do - New tools and skills to connect to others and enjoy a different quality of kinship
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